All choked up

Beanster has been all choked up and running a temperature the last few days so has not been able to do much. Mama became doctor to the ailing one whilst I took Moo out and about on Saturday.

We always love a trip to Hopetoun Garden Centre. It is not a garden centre to a young child. It is a place where you can observe and listen to wildlife, see works of art, run about, hide amongst the trees and nooks and crannies and you may just encounter a fairy or two.










Afterwards we went shopping to get Beanster a present to cheer her up. Moo chose well.


We paid a wee visit to Granny and Grandpa before coming home to check on how our Spring flowers were doing now that the snow has gone.



A wee delivery had come which will help the girls with their reading, but at the moment Moo enjoyed pulling the pups apart and combining different colours.



We also enjoyed playing a couple of games and making up stories with these story cards.



Beanster was feeling up to starting her minecraft lego.


Later the girls and Mama had an early night as all were now feeling the effects of the cold so i took part in Earth Hour and tidied by candlelight.


The candles had been made by the girls during our last powercut so i decided to make a few more to replace them.

Hopefully everyone will be back to full health soon as neither girl enjoys sitting for long and they are already bored of the bugs.


Summer Reading Challenge

Moo started a Lightning McQueen jigsaw this morning but she started to get into difficulties so Beanster came along to give a helping hand. They were very pleased with themselves when it was completed.

We all headed out to the Library after breakfast so Beanster could get new books to complete her Summer Reading Challenge. She chose to go wearing odd shoes.

She has now read 5 of the 6 books needed. She can’t read independently yet, but listening to lengthy stories or short novels and discussing them counts towards the challenge when you can’t yet read. Today she earned some stickers and a wristband for getting to book number 5 when she handed her record over for checking.

Moo took a seat out for herself and looked at some books.

Afterwards Beanster and Mama listened to some music being played by the Reed Band whilst Moo and I went to the local bakers to buy us all some lunch.

On the way back Moo admired some hanging decorations and had a go on the swings.

A bit of food perked the girls up enough to do some urban gymnastics.

Listening to the Reed Band and also to  Mama playing the piano inspired Beanster to play her own music in the afternoon.

In the evening the girls were full of nonsense, running around everywhere and playing all of the games. Beanster took herself back to the 80’s and wanted filmed jogging to help people to get fit.


Tomorrow we are heading out camping so the rest of the evening was spent tetris packing. It was pitch black by the time we have finished.

Wonder what wonders await us on the campsite?

Trip to the bookshop and Georgian baking

It was a VERY WET day today so we took a trip to our beloved independent book shop ‘Far From the Madding Crowd‘ to hear some stories and see BB the rabbit. BB joins in with the stories and loves a cuddle. We had a wee bag of kale for him as we have a dedicated BB patch on our allotment. 

A bit of the lovely reading nook where you can hear stories on a Saturday.

Giving BB a cuddle.

On our way back home we stopped to look at some classic cars. We compared this old Mini to it’s modern equivalent which we saw in the car park.

Moo painted in the afternoon.

Beanster asked to do some Maths Seeds and Reading Eggs.

Later on Moo and I did some shopping and she loaded the conveyor belt for me.

The girls enjoyed sticking Lightning Mc Queen stickers into their Cars collection book. Beanster is very good now at finding the correct box to stick her stickers on and has been practising reading and saying the numbers.

We also baked, following the Georgian recipe for Indian Gingerbread which we saw at Callendar House. The girls particularly enjoyed using our metal weights and scales to measure out the ingredients. They packed quite a punch and both girls declared them yummy but a bit spicy too. ‘Less ginger next time mummy’ apparently.


We love our friends

This morning a birthday party was held for one of Beanster’s cuddly toys, Boo Boo. The girls wrapped presents for him, made playdoh cakes and also cards. Boo Boo had a wonderful time.

Every Thursday we go to a club to meet up with some of our other home ed friends to do themed activities, chat and play. There is always lots to do and friends to talk with and opportunities for both indoor and outdoor play. Today was learning about World War II. Beanster was interested in learning about evacuees and made her own Evacuee label, which she proudly wore for the rest of the day. Moo enjoyed playing with the train set in amongst the others who were pretending to evacuate children. Mummy tried to make a warplane but it crashed and burned quite dramatically. Beanster and her friend loved looking through all the war books at the photographs and information and they tried picking out and reading words they recognised. Later on Beanster went outside  to play superheroes and Moo and I played hide and seek and played with ‘outside labbit’.


When we got back home it was raining, but the girls still wanted to be outside and they headed to the sandpit to dig up items they had buried days before. Beanster also looked for slug trails to follow and was delighted to find an unusual dotty slug at the end of one of them.

We have signed up to the RSPB Wild Challenge and tonight beanster and I went out shopping to buy the ingredients needed for our first challenge, making bird cakes, to hang in our back garden or in our local area. Whilst we were away Moo went for a walk with Mama and they had a look for bees. Moo found a bush with lots of bees on them and she talked about how they were looking for nectar to eat.

For Beanster’s pocket money we use ‘spend, save and give’ jars where she gets a certain amount of money each week that she can divide up between the jars any way she likes as long as something goes in each jar. It teaches her how to manage her money. Tonight she decided she wanted to use some of her ‘give’ money to buy some items for the local food bank. She also did some more Parkour!

Before bed the girls had a wee tasty snack. A meal worm or two! They have tried mealworms before at Nature Club with Jess and Beanster has also had them at a Science show too.  We had just bought them for the birds so they insisted on having a couple before heading to  bed……Brave girls.

Tonight’s selection of books that were read together in bed.


Forever learning…even in our jammies

Beanster declared today to be a pyjama day, at least until the girls and Mama needed to do shopping later in the afternoon. 

As usual the girls rose early and they didn’t want to get dressed. This didn’t mean they just lazed about all day. Anyone who knows our girls knows they don’t enjoy doing nothing, they have an eagerness to learn and do so at 100 miles an hour. 

Beanster started the day choosing to do some work on Maths Seeds and Reading Eggs and Moo built some jigsaws and looked at books. She can now do 54 pieces in a jigsaw, with a little help. Beanster also learned how to use the points she had gained on Maths Seeds to decorate her character’s tree house. They then had a play about creating pictures of honeycombs using our wooden shapes.

After a bit of breakfast the girls chopped up and mixed together some left over bits of food for the birds (improving knife skills) and also replenished the bird feeder with wild bird food.

Beanster abandoned her pj idea in favour of dressing up. Her big friend Lyall had sent her a gorgeous dress from Malaysia so for the rest of the day this was worn in the house, round the shops and in the garden.

In and around the above the girls also did colouring, bridge building, water play, Shopkins and figure play, listened to stories, listened to music, played recorders, checked on how their wildflowers were growing, categorised toy animals, helped with jobs around the house, had fall outs and made up, sang, did potty training (Moo), helped to encourage Moo with potty training (Beanster), and so so so much more. 


A park sort of a day 

Beanster requested a trip to the park near our house with the scooters today so grandma, grandad & cousin H joined us and we headed over. 

There was much scooting from Beanster & H. We thought mummy wouldn’t mind if we borrowed her scooter so grandma & grandad both had a go. 

Moo isn’t up to much scooting yet so she mostly played in the park and on the grass and without any prompting identified daisy, buttercup and clover. She’s a smart cookie that one. 

After grandma, grandad and H headed off we went home and headed down into Linlithgow for lunch and another park trip! We’re often the only people in the park even on a nice day but a few people joined us at the second park of the day so Beanster immediately made a friend as usual. 



We finished off with trips too a few shops including Far from the Madding Crowd for a birthday card & a wee Phillip Pullman essay which was released for independent bookshop week. I love his writing.

Finally back home and some Mathseeds for Beanster and some cbeebies storytime for Moo whilst I sorted the washing