A wet and wild day

Today was quite dreich but that didn’t matter as we were going swimming with Grandpa today. Granny enjoyed observing from the cafe. Beanster practised her breathing techniques and trying to retrieve a weighted hoop from the bottom of the pool. She has been finding this difficult in her swimming lessons because she is so light and just floats back to the surface. Today she was determined to manage it and when she remembered to blow bubbles and use powerful arm strokes she managed to retrieve it from a 1metre depth. We now need to work up to managing this in slightly deeper water so she achieves her sticker in class. Moo wanted to practise leg kicks and jumping in and played with Grandpa at the chute and water pumps. 

After a hot dog lunch (and practise for Beanster at buying a snack from the cafe) we headed to the library with Granny to get some new books. The girls always enjoy using the machine to check their own books out and then stamp the return date on them. We have come home with a selection of fiction and non-fiction books which we started to read at bedtime. 




After some play back at Granny and Grandpas we headed home and the girls designed their own experiments using ink, paper, wipes and water. 









There was a bit of model making, labelling items around the house, invisible ink creations and superhero role play later on. Evil Tornado Man needed to be stopped from destroying the world. 






Bedtime stories tonight included a Mr Men book, Gobbolino and a lift the flap information book about food. 



Books, books and more books

Today was the 2nd of 2 trips to the book festival this time with Mummy & Granny to see Jim Field who illustrates Oi Frog and Oi Dog which are big favourites of Beanster & Moo.

 It was a school event so we were in amongst p1 and p2 classes.

After hearing some stories part of the show was interactive, learning step by step how to draw some of the characters. 

Mummy had a go,

as did most of the other children, diligently following Jim as he drew…..except Beanster. Why did it not surprise us that she totally refused and instead drew “a person on top of wires”!! 

That is our creative, strong willed girl who knows her own mind and won’t be taught unless she wants to be. Love it. Jim Field was a tad perplexed when he took a wee look over her shoulder and quickly moved onto the next child lol.
Last week had been a trip with Mama to see Mac & Mike. We were let in first before all the school parties. 

Mac is from the Mac & Bob stories and Mike wrote Thistle Street so the show was all about Scots words. There were songs with actions, (Beanster doesn’t do audience participation) and lots of Scots words. Beanster was particularly amused by bahookie! 

We were given some book vouchers to spend in the shop as we’d booked through the educational programme so the girls enjoyed choosing some new titles to add to the increasingly groaning bookshelves. I love that they love books. 

Summer Reading Challenge

Moo started a Lightning McQueen jigsaw this morning but she started to get into difficulties so Beanster came along to give a helping hand. They were very pleased with themselves when it was completed.

We all headed out to the Library after breakfast so Beanster could get new books to complete her Summer Reading Challenge. She chose to go wearing odd shoes.

She has now read 5 of the 6 books needed. She can’t read independently yet, but listening to lengthy stories or short novels and discussing them counts towards the challenge when you can’t yet read. Today she earned some stickers and a wristband for getting to book number 5 when she handed her record over for checking.

Moo took a seat out for herself and looked at some books.

Afterwards Beanster and Mama listened to some music being played by the Reed Band whilst Moo and I went to the local bakers to buy us all some lunch.

On the way back Moo admired some hanging decorations and had a go on the swings.

A bit of food perked the girls up enough to do some urban gymnastics.

Listening to the Reed Band and also to  Mama playing the piano inspired Beanster to play her own music in the afternoon.

In the evening the girls were full of nonsense, running around everywhere and playing all of the games. Beanster took herself back to the 80’s and wanted filmed jogging to help people to get fit.


Tomorrow we are heading out camping so the rest of the evening was spent tetris packing. It was pitch black by the time we have finished.

Wonder what wonders await us on the campsite?