We had a lot of snow that led to no work for us grownups for a week so lots of fun was had!


There was science:



Snow volcanoes


There was art:

Salt art


Snow painting


Moo drew her family


There was baking:





And of course lots of fun in the snow:


Snow monster




Trip to the park


And mummy and the girls created an amazing snow, ice & light art installation in the front garden which attracted lots of attention from passers by







Giving, brains & busy 

Beanster gets £2 pocket money every week which she gets in 20p pieces. She has 3 jars; a give, a spend and a save. The only condition is that she has to put something in each jar but how much is up to her. She’s been good at saving up for things she wants and has managed two £10 saves. She dips into the spend every so often but she’s not been sure what to do with her give money. She’d saved up £10 so we talked about the different things she could do. She decided that she’d like to buy a present for a kid who might not get a Christmas present so i contacted the local Women’s Aid group to see if they had any kids who would like a present. They got back saying that would be lovely so on Tuesday Beanster went to choose the gift based on the info we had about the child and what they liked. We’re going to arrange to deliver it soon. We’re so proud of her saving her money and thinking about who she could help


Tuesday also involved a trip in to Edinburgh University for Beanster to help out with another Wee Science study at the psychology dept. This one involved getting hooked up to an eeg machine so they could look at her brain patterns whilst she played a game designed to look at decision making. Beanster was a little unsure to begin with largely because the researcher was a man as the previous ones have been women. She sat well to get the wires attached and then concentrated and sat for the longest i think she’s ever managed!


The instructions for the game were pretty complicated so i wasn’t sure she’d be able to do it but she persevered even when she had to repeat the practice round. She got a pack of Frozen Top Trumps cards as a prize. The whole thing took about an hour and a half and Moo was amazing whilst we waited for Beanster. Both of them got a bar of chocolate for doing so well. 
Wednesday began with lots of playing including pretend swimming for Moo which apparently requires this outfit. Note too small swim nappy over the trousers. She’s totally crazy this one!


It was also the first week of Beanster’s new knitting class with some other home ed kids. Her friend M was there too so she was happy to stay by herself whilst Moo and I went for cake with M’s mum. Beanster had a great time and made felt balls for the end of her knitting needles. She’s excited to go back next week. Ater that it was ballet for Beanster (in her jammas for fun week), and soft play for Moo. 
Moo has been protesting bed this week so we decided to let her stay up until she asked to go to bed or fell asleep. We said we had things to do though so couldn’t keep playing with her. She was very good and pretty much entertained herself whilst we ate, worked and knitted. 

This was her at 10pm before embarking on a collage 


She finally sparked out at 23.21 


It’s been a busy couple of days

Film & fun

The girls and I have had a fun couple of days. Yesterday we went to any into film showing of Zootopia at that Odeon. It was in their newly refurbished screen and we were very impressed by the new reclining chairs.


Afterwards we went to meet grandma for some lunch before popping to the shops and heading home via the library. Turned out that Moo had a very long overdue book which meant her account was frozen so after taking a few books out on Beanster’s card we headed home to hunt for the long overdue book and 3 not quite so overdue ones. After a full family effort all were found!
Today we headed off to Little World of Play with grandma, grandad and cousin H.  On the way we popped into the library to return the long lost book so Moo has a functioning library card again! 

Everyone had a lovely time at Little World of Play. Beanster made a friend, Moo managed go off to play without needing me to go with her and cousin H wants to go back. 

We came home via Aldi and Dobbies. Beanster was much impressed by the lights. Moo’s fear of moving/dancing stuffed animals continues but is definitely improving as she just kept a cautious distance and said “let’s go now”, as opposed to terrified screaming!


After tea they both made cards for 2 of their friends’ birthdays. Moo took great care with sticking and with her “writing” and drawing inside. Beanster also took her time deciding what she wanted to do and choosing materials and colours. She also told me what she wanted to write in each card and asked me to write it on the wee white board for her to copy. 








Moo has been developing a cold over the course of the day so was a bit of an emotional mess by the end of the day. Hopefully a good sleep will help. 

A trip out on the bus

The car is in the garage today after i had an altercation with a pillar last month. So after I’d dropped it off this morning we decided to take a trip on the bus to the gyle. Beanster and Moo both love a bus but we usually only use the bus if we’re in Edinburgh as buses round here tend to go via everywhere so not great if you’re in a hurry. I decided to gamble on the traveline Scotland website being right about where the bus stopped, since the first bus website wasn’t willing to furnish me with that information, and headed out to walk to the bus stop. It would probably have taken me 15 minutes so i allowed half an hour since 2 year olds don’t walk fast and our particular 5 year old likes to make full use of her imagination. We made it to the bus stop on good time

which was lucky as the bus was either 5 minutes early or 25 mins late. Judging by the speed the driver drove the rest of the way I’m going with late!

We won’t talk about the ridiculous price first bus charge for a ticket (£6.90 for an adult return for 30 mins each way).

We bought vitamins and hair detangle spray and met grandma for lunch before a wander round M&S who have gone Paddington crazy for Xmas. 



We nearly missed the bus back after a toilet trip was required 2 minutes before the bus we’d been waiting 20 mins for arrived but we made it. 

Clearly it was a tiring day for Moo but after a snooze on the bus


she managed the 1.5 mile walk home after we’d got off the bus on the high street to pick up toothpaste. Can’t think the last time we used the buggy. She’s not quick but she gets there. 

Catching up again! (Mostly in pictures)

We’ve been to Center Parcs with grandma, grandad, cousin H, uncle G and auntie J and had an amazing time


Beanster went horse riding 


There was playing in the park



Moo did Mini trek & scored a squirrel




Beanster did science with cousin H





Beanster got more confident on her bike 


And Moo basically taught herself to swim by being totally kamikaze in the water!
The girls and I went to the zoo for my birthday then we went out for Wagamama with grandma & grandad. 

Moo and I had a day in the children’s ward as she had a viral chest infection. She’s now on the mend. Beanster did art to take her mind off worrying about her sister



Mummy & the girls had a day in the house to let Moo recover a bit. 

The girls and I went to Little World of Play with a few home friends. 

And Beanster finally did her birthday thank you letters whilst Moo said she was writing “m” and thank you. Beanster is sitting at her great great grandpa’s desk and Moo is wearing sparkly shoes and no trousers!


Helix fun

Today was mostly spent at the park at the Helix with home ed friends. We did some house jobs first thing; I did the laundry and made sauce for tea and Beanster emptied the dishwasher. 

At the park the girls did lots of climbing and running around. I have no idea what Beanster was up to most of the time but after many weeks of trying she has finally discovered she can actually fly!


Moo braved the rope bridge although she needed help up and down as she can’t manage the ladders yet. 

I annoyed a woman at the park who insisted on helping Beanster when she was climbing. Why do people do that?! She wasn’t in danger and as she doesn’t talk to people she doesn’t know won’t have asked for help unless the woman asked her if she was stuck. Anyway, when I saw her interfering, I went over and asked Beanster if she was ok, reminded her she was good at climbing and told her to ask if she needed help. The woman looked most put out that I didn’t thank her for interfering with what my child could work out by herself or would have shouted for help if she’d really needed it. What is with some folk?!

After some very complicated games that involved climbing up the big tube slide in bare feet & playing on the big swing;(Photos courtesy of my friend E)

the kids decided to play in the water fountains. It was a grey September day in Scotland but kids don’t care. They had a ball then got into dry clothes before we headed off to ballet. 


A day in town eating!

After gymnastics the girls and I headed into town as we needed Velcro to fix Beanster’s shoes and winter leggings for Beanster. Yo sushi also had an offer on and as Beanster loves yo sushi it was too good a chance to miss. 

We parked the car at the park and ride and got the tram in. After we’d picked up what we needed we headed for sushi. Moo had never had it before and tucked in with gusto.

Beanster loves watching the people in the kitchen and taking her food off the conveyor belt.

After that we went to hotel chocolat for hot chocolate. The girls had theirs with a straw and I had chilli hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream. 

We’re now having a play in the gardens before getting the tram to swimming.