A day in town eating!

After gymnastics the girls and I headed into town as we needed Velcro to fix Beanster’s shoes and winter leggings for Beanster. Yo sushi also had an offer on and as Beanster loves yo sushi it was too good a chance to miss. 

We parked the car at the park and ride and got the tram in. After we’d picked up what we needed we headed for sushi. Moo had never had it before and tucked in with gusto.

Beanster loves watching the people in the kitchen and taking her food off the conveyor belt.

After that we went to hotel chocolat for hot chocolate. The girls had theirs with a straw and I had chilli hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream. 

We’re now having a play in the gardens before getting the tram to swimming. 


Birds & veg 

Today we took advantage of a nice day and headed down to the woody park to to up the bird café that mummy and the girls set up. Mummy and Beanster had made some new fat cake and mummy rigged up some take away boxes to hang in the trees. 

There was much climbing and swinging too.


After the park we headed up to the much neglected allotment. This year has once again confirmed we are good at growing squash and pumpkin. The sweet corn is the biggest we’ve ever managed but an investigation of one corn cob confirmed it’s not ripe yet. 

We dug up the rest of the potatoes and brought home rhubarb, a spaghetti squash,  a couple of marrows, a wee pumpkin, some beetroot and a few peas and broad beans. 


There are also a couple of big pumpkins that are starting to ripen so we might have home grown Halloween pumpkins this year. 


Beanster’s 5th Birthday Celebrations

We’ve been so busy getting ready for and celebrating Beanster’s birthday that we haven’t managed blogging this week!

Thursday was the big day and a certain someone sneaked in early for birthday snuggles in our bed. 

After that there was present opening

and breakfast before heading out for our annual trip to the safari park which is Beanster’s choice for her birthday trip every year! 

We drove round the animals with Beanster on my knee helping to drive and Moo enjoying the novelty of sitting in the front on mummy’s knee.

We went on some rides and then to the big play park. Every year I take a photo of Beanster scaling the huge scramble net. It’s amazing to see how much faster she gets up there each year. Moo wasn’t too be left out so she headed up too!


We saw the sea lion talk, visited the giraffes and the lemurs and had a trip on a pedal boat too.

After the safari park it was back home for pizza, presents and cake baked by Grandad. 

Beanster loves a birthday cake but hates people singing the happy birthday song so everyone was once again on strict instructions not to. We think it’s because she doesn’t like having too stand there with everyone looking at her while they sing.

Saturday was a superhero party as requested by Beanster. There was pass the parcel, pinata and more cake, (& no singing). 

The girls now have this mounted on the side of their wardrobe!

We can’t believe this wee tiny person who arrived 6 weeks early;

has grown up into our clever, funny, awesome 5 year old.  Here she is at 12.52 exactly the moment she turned 5.

Happy Birthday Beanster!

Under the Trees

Today was the ‘Play Out’ session with p the Trees, but before heading there Mama took the girls to a second hand ballet clothing sale to get Beanster kitte3ld out for her ballet class. We had decided NOT KCAL Z W 2 not to get clothing for her until she was definitely sure that she wanted to keep going. She has been for a few weeks now and is enjoying it so clothing was now needed. It was a successful trip and almost new tap shoes, ballet shoes and a leotard were purchased for a fraction of the cost. Moo even scored herself a wee leotard to dress up in and play with.

Next the girls headed to the woods for an afternoon of outdoor fun. It rained on and off throughout, but that didn’t stop them taking part in all the activities. I was working there today, at the messy art area, so the girls came by frequently to say hello and do some painting.





The girls are a little choked today so after the woods they went home for a chill on the sofa, with some TV. When Beanster perked up a little she wanted to put on her ballet gear and do a bit of dancing.


Both girls are now having an early night to try and clear all the snot and coughs that have built up over the day.

Swimming and toys for grandma & grandad

Beanster’s ballet class is held at the local leisure centre where there is a pool and a soft play. Moo only noticed the soft play for the first time about half way through this week’s class and got very upset when I said we didn’t have time to go in this week. She was distracted by going tp look at the pool and declared “I want to bring mummy here. With you and Beanster” so today we did that. 

Moo is a very enthusiastic swimmer and likes going backwards and forwards between the 2 of us and jumping in. Beanster managed to show mummy her fabulous swimming on her back after a few false starts. It was nice to all go together as we haven’t managed to do that for ages. I think we’re going to have a fabulous time at Center Parcs in a couple of weeks.

After swimming we had some obligatory chips then went to the shops to pick up some things in preparation for Beanster’s party next weekend and Moo had a much needed nap in the car. 

Grandma & Grandad have been looking for some new toys for the girls and cousin H to play with at their house as they’ve outgrown a lot of things. We spotted some things on the local 2nd hand group so went to pick those up on the way home. 

Once we were home the girls road tested the new toys which I think Moo thinks are for grandma & grandad! After tea Beanster did a bit more Mathseeds so Moo wanted to play on the tablet but lost interest fairly quickly. 

It’s felt very autumnal today. I think we’ll need to dig out the long sleeved t-shirts and work out who needs bigger/more warmer clothes soon. 

Friendships and knitting

We woke up later than usual this morning and had a leisurely breakfast whilst chatting about, amongst other things, the yellow bin lorry, why we need water and computer games. We then watched some Mr Men, played the ukelele, did some abstract art….

…and Beanster did some money work. We practised naming coins and talked about how the coins were all worth different amounts. We then put coins in order of value.

Moo is fascinated with her ‘pennies’ at the moment and she spent time emptying her piggy bank and not letting anyone near the piles of pennies she made in case we pinched them.

After reading some Mr Men stories together we finally got dressed, made our lunch and took it with us to home ed club. The Queensferry Crossing bridge had reopened after it’s official opening so as we travelled over we discussed our experience of walking over it.  Beanster was surprised to see the wind barriers still up. It turns out that she hadn’t realised they were part of the design and thought they had been put up just for the walking weekend to protect us! 

Once we arrived at club the heavens opened so Moo decided to have a good old splash about in the puddles.

 Beanster meanwhile had already gone in and started building lego models and a wooden fortress with her friends. 


Today’s theme was ‘Minecraft’ so there was plenty of minecraft related activities going on along with hama beads, construction and the usual outdoor imaginative games. Beanster and Moo stayed mainly indoors today (not like them) and had a fabulous few hours.

Moo built trains and towers with her friend F…..


….and I showed her how to link some of the construction bits together.

Beanster made a hama bead heart (I finished off a bit of the right hand side when her attention drifted) and she had a lovely chat with one of her mummy pals. Beanster focused really well to the hama beads, which were smaller than she is used to and she persevered with the activity for about 30 minutes before moving onto something else. Well done Beanster.

After we got home Beanster asked to do some knitting and knitted a whole row independently! That is a whole row more than I have ever managed. She is making a scarf or blanket for her dolly Isobel. I think she could get into knitting. 


A future knitter

On Wednesday night Beanster asked me to show her how to knit. She’d been watching me the night before and I said off teach her one day. That day was clearly the next day! I did a couple of rows then did another 2 hand over hand with her before she declared she’d had enough. Then tonight she asked to do some more and after med talking/ helping her with the first few stitches she went on to knit the rest of the row herself


I was so impressed by how still and focused she was whilst she was doing it. Anyone who knows Beanster will know that still and focused are not words normally used to describe our active wee girl so this was particularly impressive. She was also just tried again when things didn’t quite work which is another great thing as she tends to get upset or want to stop when she can’t do something straight away. I hope she continues to be interested as it seems like something that will really hold her attention and that she’ll enjoy.