A bit of bouncing does you good

Beanster had a rocky morning with her emotions and learning to deal with them is hard. After letting off a bit of steam with her sister on some instruments (she created her own drum kit) 


we headed over to Fife to the Forth Hedgehog Hospital and handed in some cat food to help feed the hedgehogs in their care.

We then met our HE friends for some trampolining fun. What better way to get rid of the grumps than by bouncing. The girls have not been to a trampoline park before and when they saw it they couldn’t wait to get on.



Of course before you do you need to try and link feet with all your friends in the special socks.


Do a conga 


and listen to the safety briefing.


After that was done the girls headed onto the trapolines and bounced non stop for an hour. Tired girls tonight.


Advent fayre, torchlight procession and Frozen all round

Every year our town holds an advent fayre and torchlight procession on the last Saturday in November and the Christmas lights are officially switched on. This year was a pretty cold affair so we needed to wrap up warm before we headed out. Here are the highlights: 

Beanster and Moo wanted to visit Mrs Claus so Beanster wrote a thank you note to give to her because Mrs Claus always gives a present. 



We looked at the window displays before looking at the stalls.  




The girls had a go on the rides.  Moo has not previously been a fan but she enjoyed herself today. 


We had a break for lunch and Beanster looked at clothing patterns in one of our shops.



Later we headed out to the torchlight procession. The procession goes up and down the High Street then stops at the Cross for speeches, carol singing and the Christmas tree lights are switched on. 








On Sunday we headed out to the cinema to see the new Frozen film with cousin H and uncle G. The girls dressed for the occasion.


We enjoyed the film and also building the Olaf Lego set we were given as a free gift. Beanster did well following the instructions, mostly managing it herself.



Other activities this weekend included an ice cube melting experiment  (to be finished tomorrow), painting and sticking.





Enterprise amongst the Romans

This morning started in the usual Thursday morning way. A bit of breakfast, a bit of TV and a lot of chat and play. Today it was playdoh bakeries and hairdressers. 





After enjoying Sushi for lunch we headed to home ed club where today we were learning about the Romans.

Moo made a Gladiator from paper and card.



Beanster started to make an oil lamp, but it soon became a pot for Roman ladies to keep their sewing needles in! Like a clay pin cushion perhaps?


Both girls made mosaic tiles. Beanster’s had a butterfly in the middle and Moo’s was a bit more abstract. 





The second stage of the tile making process involved grouting. This Moo did very well. In fact she did most of the grouting between the two girls as Beanster had abandoned the Romans in favour of opening a shop with her friends and selling cards, books, gift cards and other lovely things which they had made. She was very pleased that she made some profit as they managed to sell a lot of their wares to us mummies and daddies! Her little bit of money was spent on the way home but it was a fabulous introduction to the business world for her.




Of course we were then treated to more this evening. Price tickets were created, a float made, pennies counted. Beanster and Moo’s toyshops were open for business for about 2 hours and we were encouraged to spend! Two budding Alan Sugars we have!





Giving, brains & busy 

Beanster gets £2 pocket money every week which she gets in 20p pieces. She has 3 jars; a give, a spend and a save. The only condition is that she has to put something in each jar but how much is up to her. She’s been good at saving up for things she wants and has managed two £10 saves. She dips into the spend every so often but she’s not been sure what to do with her give money. She’d saved up £10 so we talked about the different things she could do. She decided that she’d like to buy a present for a kid who might not get a Christmas present so i contacted the local Women’s Aid group to see if they had any kids who would like a present. They got back saying that would be lovely so on Tuesday Beanster went to choose the gift based on the info we had about the child and what they liked. We’re going to arrange to deliver it soon. We’re so proud of her saving her money and thinking about who she could help


Tuesday also involved a trip in to Edinburgh University for Beanster to help out with another Wee Science study at the psychology dept. This one involved getting hooked up to an eeg machine so they could look at her brain patterns whilst she played a game designed to look at decision making. Beanster was a little unsure to begin with largely because the researcher was a man as the previous ones have been women. She sat well to get the wires attached and then concentrated and sat for the longest i think she’s ever managed!


The instructions for the game were pretty complicated so i wasn’t sure she’d be able to do it but she persevered even when she had to repeat the practice round. She got a pack of Frozen Top Trumps cards as a prize. The whole thing took about an hour and a half and Moo was amazing whilst we waited for Beanster. Both of them got a bar of chocolate for doing so well. 
Wednesday began with lots of playing including pretend swimming for Moo which apparently requires this outfit. Note too small swim nappy over the trousers. She’s totally crazy this one!


It was also the first week of Beanster’s new knitting class with some other home ed kids. Her friend M was there too so she was happy to stay by herself whilst Moo and I went for cake with M’s mum. Beanster had a great time and made felt balls for the end of her knitting needles. She’s excited to go back next week. Ater that it was ballet for Beanster (in her jammas for fun week), and soft play for Moo. 
Moo has been protesting bed this week so we decided to let her stay up until she asked to go to bed or fell asleep. We said we had things to do though so couldn’t keep playing with her. She was very good and pretty much entertained herself whilst we ate, worked and knitted. 

This was her at 10pm before embarking on a collage 


She finally sparked out at 23.21 


It’s been a busy couple of days


Still feeling cold lethargy, the girls had a relaxed day. 

It started with some telly… 


…and then some monster making.


There was colouring of patterns…


then we got out the Lego and made towers and castles. 



Later we got out our magnets and the girls  did some of their own investigations whilst i played with a childhood favourite.


The girls baked… 




before heading upstairs to see if Moo could climb up to the top bunk yet by herself. The answer is YES! 


Beanster then headed out to her weekly swimming lesson. Sticker week this week. Wonder if she will have achieved any more of her level.

Our Weekend 

Moo has been choked with the cold and on her inhalers this weekend so has been rather confined to quarters for the most part.  However, she did make it out for a wee bit today and found lots to occupy her when she was inside. 

Yesterday she played with her Bing toys


and dressed up to play at doctors and vets.


She and Beanster decorated some flower tubs and planted Spring bulbs in them.






Beanster learned a new skill, French knitting


and she practised counting different animals and objects to 10. She can do this easily now.


There was also the usual daily drawing.


Today the girls spent largely separated as Beanster had friends she wanted to see and i also needed some things at the Garden Centre. 

Moo had a lazy start and played with her Superbear and tea set. She then convinced Mama to take her to McDonalds before they did a quick food shop and headed back home to the warmth.

Beanster and I headed to the Garden Centre before meeting her best pal H at the allotment. 

The garden centre we go to is such a wonderful place for a young child and it is one of Beanster’s favourite places to go. It is not a place to buy plants and tools. It is…. 

a place where you may encounter fairies and magical wizards



There are hidden dangers to deal with


You can make a wish which may come true


Where you can interact with the Woodland Muse 



and make a feast for the fairies. 



It is a place of wonder, where anything can happen when you enter through the hidden gates and portals. 


And wildlife is abundant due to all of the surrounding woodland. 


Today we spotted amongst others some  Grey Squirrels, Robins, Chaffinch, Tree Creepers, Sparrows and Blue Tits.

Up at the allotment we dug the soil


and watched geese fly overhead.


Beanster and H played for ages with some canes. They became witches’ broomsticks, a canoeist’s oars, giant spider legs and ski poles.


Later this evening Mama and Beanster headed to a roller disco with friends M and A. They had a fabulous time and then headed for pizza after. 





Whilst the other two were away Moo made her own spend, save and give jars.


We then settled down to watch Frozen and a bath afterwards featured her Frozen themed toys. 


Sing, shop and play

This morning was a Home Ed club trip to the cinema to see ‘Sing’ as part of the Into Film Festival. This was the second cinema visit for the girls this week.

We were a tad early so the girls entertained themselves in the car by reflecting light between CDs and playing with the spinny lego man whilst we waited for our friends in the cinema entrance. 


Once everyone had arrived, Beanster abandoned Moo and I to sit beside her friends to watch the film. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Afterwards we headed to the shops to buy some ingredients for tonight’s dinner, veggie chilli and to have some lunch in the cafe.  


The girls also chose some food to put in the food bank. I asked Beanster to choose two things that people probably needed and one which they might like to have. She chose cereal, a large tin of sweetcorn and box of chocolate Santas. Moo chose a packet of Mexican rice and a Basmati rice. 


The afternoon was spent visiting Granny and Grandpa where there was a lot of role play. The girls enjoy role play and both Granny and Grandpa enjoyed acting their parts. 

Back at home Beanster made a shopkins feast for her superheroes 


then they played a complicated game involving the Paw Patrol pups and playmat, Moo’s imaginary friend Rocolli (formerly known as Brocolli) and our giant gorilla (a present from an ex colleague). 


 It was an energetic end to the day, followed by our usual eclectic mix of books before bed.