All 5 have emerged

All 5 butterflies have emerged from their chrysalides. We will leave them for a couple of days before releasing them. We have put fresh flowers, fruit and a special nectar solution inside their temporary home for them to feed on.


Moo’s day out 

Whist Beanster and I were having our day out, Moo had a fun day at the Scottish deer centre with Grandma, Grandad & her big cousin H.

Apparently animals were seen including wolves and bears. Moo fed the deer & H insisted on carrying Moo’s bag. I suspect Graeme and Jen will need to purchase one!

Come on! Let’s lose grandma and grandad
I don’t think they’re following us
Ok grandma, you can come with us

Mama & Beanster day

Today Beanster and I headed into Edinburgh for a day out whilst Moo spent the day with grandma, grandad & cousin H.

We went to see Primo at the imaginate festival. The show was performed in a great big pool. It was beautiful and like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

waiting for Primo to start

We stopped off at Blackwells to buy a birthday present and at Forbidden Planet where Beanster was, predictably, in heaven. 

Next we went for coffee and cake at Patisserie Valerie. Beanster had double chocolate cake and a hot chocolate & looked very grown up. 

Beanster with her cake and hot chocolate

We had a wander round Old Calton Cemetery, (she still loves a graveyard!) & also a look round the National Gallery after picking up some competition entries from mummy’s work. 

Next stop was Yo Sushi for a late lunch.  Moo says she would like Lyall to take her again when she gets back from Malaysia.

watching the food go by
yummy sushi

Last stop was an ice cream before getting the bus back to grandma & Granada’s to pick up the car. 

mint choc chip at the bus stop.

 We had a great time and Beanster declared it “the best day ever” with the caveat “I miss Moo”

Super and sunny

Tuesday is our busy day with gymnastics for both girls in the morning and swimming for Beanster in the afternoon. Today, in between these things, we ran some errands and visited grandma in case her day was too quiet otherwise!

Moo insisted on this outfit before breakfast this morning
I got the girls new sunglasses today so here is Beanster modelling hers