30 days of wild…..clay

After jumping about in puddles and playing outside at the park and in the garden for a few hours, Beanster and her pal H made some sculptures for putting outdoors. Beanster made a chickenpox face, a tornado tile and some pancakes. She then helped me make a snake (with a scarf) and a face with a huge bogey on it’s nose! Ah, the imaginations of 4 year olds.


Wild and wonderful

It saddens and worries me that children don’t get out enough to play and be children these days. I remember climbing trees and being in mud, but the number of children nowadays who don’t get to do this is astounding. It was announced recently that studies showed that children need to play outside every day for at least 3 hours. Ours did that and more today and do most days I hope.


More jigsaws, cars and Granny and Grandpa

Today Grandpa had a dentist appointment, so after some block jigsaws this morning (they are actually REALLY tricky as all sides of each cube have a bit of a picture), I left Beanster and Moo to have some fun with Granny whilst I took Grandpa for some dental fun! It was all about the ‘jigsocks’ today for Moo. She had taken a supply with her and continued throughout the day to build more and more of them. For Beanster it was all about the imaginative play. Think she is destined to he an actress!

Fun with friends

We’ve had a very busy day today. 

Moo was helping the researchers at the wee science lab with an experiment about pronouns. She was totally hypnotised by the size of the tv screen which meant she was the still-est participant they’ve had apparently.

After that we met Beanster’s friend M and her mum J for lunch on the meadows, a big play for the girls & a trip to Edinburgh castle on the historic Scotland membership. Memberships to places are one of our main home ed resources and we use the Historic Scotland one a lot

A pile of girls
Outside Grandad’s old office
Cannon photos are a right of passage for Scottish kids I think
She didn’t want to sit on the cannon
A complicated game of queens and princesses involving multiple crowning ceremonies and formal introductions

Tuesday things

I don’t get many photos on a Tuesday because gymnastics and swimming aren’t conducive to photos. 

We did those things as usual but we also went food shopping for this week’s teas. 

Beanster & I had a long chat about playing and rain after I pointed out mummy would have had a difficult day at work as the children wouldn’t have been allowed out to play because of the rain. She wanted to know why they didn’t just put on their waterproofs and wellies and go out in the rain. It was hard time explain why they couldn’t do that except to say that they don’t get long to play so by the time they’d all got it all on it would be time to come back in again. Then all she wanted to know was why they didn’t get longer to play. When mummy came home she told her that she thought the big bosses should give the children more time to play. She also said that too much inside air wasn’t good for you and people need outside fresh air. She’s got a lot of good ideas about how the world should run!

In the evening we had spaghetti and meatballs for tea & Moo did jigsaws. She’s really quite good at them and can do the 12 piece ones pretty much by herself. 

spaghetti is a full body experience!

Working out which piece goes where

I did it!
looking very proud

Enterprising individualsĀ 

On Saturday our HE group will be selling the kids’ craft work on a stall to help raise money for charity. Our girls are making lunch bags. Others are making coasters, Hama bead creations, pebble pets, fossils, tshirt bags and much more. 

Moo’s bag (a little help required)
Beanster’s bag
Beanster’s other bag

Some bags, waiting for the fixative to dry