Time travelling back to the Victorian era

Today we decided to head back in time to take a look at how the Victorians lived. Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway were having a Victorian day so we took Charlie with us in our time travelling machine (aka our car). 

Heading backwards in time in our time travelling machine
Looking to see when the next steam train was and buying our tickets

Colouring in and talking about steam trains

Watching the world go by and looking at the old buildings near the station
Learning about Victorian clothing and the railway from this fine gentleman

Steam engine in action

We tried out some Victorian games
Making a kaleidoscope
Victorian entertainment. ‘It was hilarious’ (Beanster)
Sorting the mail on the mail train

National Museum of Scotland

We had Charlie visiting from London and as it was a wet day we headed into Edinburgh to the museum which is one of the girls’ favourite places. They love the animal scenes in the Scotland part of the building, (or the “new bit” as Beanster calls it). Afterwards we went for tea before heading home.

Museum in lego

Beaver under water

Moo loves the balloons
Beanster really likes this genetics game where you choose different features of 2 people and combine them to see what their kids would look like
We went for dinner at Zizzi’s. Moo wasn’t in the best mood but cheered up under the table with her sister

Hello everyone!

We’re going to try to use this blog to post (mostly photos) about what Beanster (4 1/2) & Moo (2) get up to. They don’t go to nursery and won’t be going to school and we thought it would be nice to keep a diary of sorts of all the things they get up to. 

Most of the blogging will be done by us Helen (aka Mama) and Carolyn  (aka Mummy) but I suspect Beanster will want to get in on the act at some point. 

Our caterpillars arrive

We have been talking a lot about Living Things and life cycles so we decided to make a project out of our discussions. We had success two years ago rearing caterpillars into butterflies so we purchased some more to allow Moo to take part and watch them grow. They arrived today. Hooray.

The caterpillars come in their own little tub with all the food they need to allow them to become chrysalides.