Time for tea

Today we’ve had a domestic day. 

This morning the girls helped empty the washing machine & dishwasher, put away the washing, put away the book pile & put more dishes in the dishwasher. 

In amongst all that there were very complicated games involving the train set, roads, cars, the little wooden villages in a bag and of course shopkins! 

After lunch we went to do the food shopping and when we came back Beanster helped make tea. 

Moo had a go too with the kid friendly knife
she stirred the mince in the pan and added in the veg

Moo helped measure out the gravy
We’ll have them cooking the dinner by themselves before too long


Happy MarchesĀ 

As well as our usual Tuesday activities of gymnastics and swimming today was also Marches day in Linlithgow.

we waited on the parade
family selfie
Linlithgow Reed band
Moo liked the tractors
and a go on the shows
We ate candy floss and had a lovely time. Both girls were shattered so had a nap in the way to swimming.  If I hadn’t had to drive I’d have had one too!

Today’s 30 days of wild and the library

This morning we took a walk beside the Loch to look at the wildlife and then headed to the Library to get some books. We saw some gorgeous ducklings and Beanster and Moo counted them. We also identified different birds. Beanster threw a few twigs in for a duck to build into it’s nest. She was delighted when it headed straight for them and took them into it’s nest. We also spotted a Fairy cave hidden in a wall! 

30 days of wild…..clay

After jumping about in puddles and playing outside at the park and in the garden for a few hours, Beanster and her pal H made some sculptures for putting outdoors. Beanster made a chickenpox face, a tornado tile and some pancakes. She then helped me make a snake (with a scarf) and a face with a huge bogey on it’s nose! Ah, the imaginations of 4 year olds.