Giving, brains & busy 

Beanster gets £2 pocket money every week which she gets in 20p pieces. She has 3 jars; a give, a spend and a save. The only condition is that she has to put something in each jar but how much is up to her. She’s been good at saving up for things she wants and has managed two £10 saves. She dips into the spend every so often but she’s not been sure what to do with her give money. She’d saved up £10 so we talked about the different things she could do. She decided that she’d like to buy a present for a kid who might not get a Christmas present so i contacted the local Women’s Aid group to see if they had any kids who would like a present. They got back saying that would be lovely so on Tuesday Beanster went to choose the gift based on the info we had about the child and what they liked. We’re going to arrange to deliver it soon. We’re so proud of her saving her money and thinking about who she could help


Tuesday also involved a trip in to Edinburgh University for Beanster to help out with another Wee Science study at the psychology dept. This one involved getting hooked up to an eeg machine so they could look at her brain patterns whilst she played a game designed to look at decision making. Beanster was a little unsure to begin with largely because the researcher was a man as the previous ones have been women. She sat well to get the wires attached and then concentrated and sat for the longest i think she’s ever managed!


The instructions for the game were pretty complicated so i wasn’t sure she’d be able to do it but she persevered even when she had to repeat the practice round. She got a pack of Frozen Top Trumps cards as a prize. The whole thing took about an hour and a half and Moo was amazing whilst we waited for Beanster. Both of them got a bar of chocolate for doing so well. 
Wednesday began with lots of playing including pretend swimming for Moo which apparently requires this outfit. Note too small swim nappy over the trousers. She’s totally crazy this one!


It was also the first week of Beanster’s new knitting class with some other home ed kids. Her friend M was there too so she was happy to stay by herself whilst Moo and I went for cake with M’s mum. Beanster had a great time and made felt balls for the end of her knitting needles. She’s excited to go back next week. Ater that it was ballet for Beanster (in her jammas for fun week), and soft play for Moo. 
Moo has been protesting bed this week so we decided to let her stay up until she asked to go to bed or fell asleep. We said we had things to do though so couldn’t keep playing with her. She was very good and pretty much entertained herself whilst we ate, worked and knitted. 

This was her at 10pm before embarking on a collage 


She finally sparked out at 23.21 


It’s been a busy couple of days


A learning day

Well everyday is a learning day but new skills have been acquired today. 

This morning we had another slow start with breakfast, playmobil for the girls, farmyard lotto for all 3 of us & Mathseeds for Beanster. 

We headed into the gyle for lunch with Grandma, Grandad & cousin H. Beanster needed new pants so we went to choose. She wanted “normal pants” and some “shorts ones”.  She currently has a mix of “boy” and “girl” pants because she chooses by design. Thankfully in M&S the underwear is all in the same area even if it’s segregated by gender. They don’t do shorts in small sizes in the girl side of the aisle so she chose some ones with lightning bolts from the boys side. She didn’t like any of the patterns on the other boy pants (although she neatly went for gruffalo ones) so chose some Disney princess ones and some with days of the week on. As we looked at jammas I was once again left wondering why it seems to be beyond retailers to just group clothes by category (jammas, t-shirts, dresses, trousers etc) but given the furore over john Lewis changing a label it seems a sizeable section of the public is still living under a rock. 

After lunch we got Moo some new slippers (lightening McQueen at her request) then had an obligatory look in the Disney shop before heading back to Grandma & Grandad’s to play with cousin H.

Beanster had ballet again and seems to be enjoying it so we need to get her kitted out. Luckily the dance school is having a 2nd hand sale at the weekend so we’ll see what we can source there before ordering. 

Mummy brought chocolate eclairs home as a treat. Moo just ate the chocolate off the top!

This evening we’ve been learning new things. Mummy brought a ukelele home from work so we’ve all been having a go. Beanster, as you might expect, likes to do it her own way so looks like she’s playing steel guitar. Moo got right in there and after a rendition of baa baa black sheep moved onto songs by Nick Cope!


Beanster watched me knit last night when she was up late and asked to learn this evening so I cast on and did a couple of rows then helped her to do 2. She seems to get the idea so I think it’s something she could get on with if it continues to hold her interest. 

She also drew a fabulous picture of a person with chicken pox!