Exploring Bangour Hospital

Today we had a walk around the abandoned Bangour Village Hospital. We felt like we had stepped into a scene from Studio Gibli’s ‘Spirited Away’. The old buildings were surrounded by overgrown vegetation but it was a haven for wildlife. The girls enjoyed spotting butterflies and identifying some of the wildflowers and shrubs which we saw. We had a lengthy chat with a security guard who told us lots about the history of the hospital and he was able to answer some of our questions about redevelopment of the site. 

Afterwards we headed to Broxburn Library which was now at a new location. The girls enjoyed having a look at the books and selecting some to read and they admired the new train furniture before we headed for a late lunch and an energetic run around.



Nature club and allotmentĀ 

Today was our monthly Nature Club meet with Jess of Under the Trees. Today’s session was all about bees and it was fabulous. The girls learned all about pollination and why bees are so important to us. Beanster took part in a game where you picked up pollen with your feet and Moo enjoyed looking at different bee and wasp houses. They made their own bee houses which we will hang outside, planted some wildflower seeds and made their own bugs from air drying clay and pipe cleaners. Jess discussed the bee life cycle with Beanster and Moo enjoyed listening to all the bee facts. 
After Nature Club we headed to the allotment to do some much needed weeding and compost management. The girls played with their friend H, playing many complicated games and they also gave a hand picking strawberries, ate their lunch amongst the plants and generally got muddy. 


Beanster measured and separated out her sticks into longer and shorter piles to make her bee house

Jess helped Beanster to understand about the bee life cycle

Catching pollen with her feet
Quite a haul of pollen
Identifying bumblebee, honeybee and wasp homes
Moo’s bee home and clay bee
Moo loves being outdoors
Listening closely to the information
Picking strawberries at the allotment

The Royal Highland Show

Today we headed to the Royal Highland Show, an agricultural show, that we go to every year. Beanster has been before and loves it, Moo was not too sure what she was heading too and was a little apprehensive. As soon as we hit the food hall, with lots of free samples of food to taste, her apprehension left her. She would get to a stall, stand like a little bird with her mouth open and wait until some delight was popped in! 

Beanster had fun climbing aboard tractors and combine harvesters (her absolute favourite) and we all enjoyed wandering amongst the farm animals. The girls found it very amusing when a cow decided to poo beside them and Beanster decided to turn the wander into a reproductive biology lesson when she asked some questions about the anatomy of bulls.

We scored lots of freebies from different stalls and business tents including hats, sunglasses, transport toys, badges, stickers and balls. The weather was a little windy but it didn’t spoil the day and the rain stayed at bay.

We rounded off our day watching some Collie dogs rounding up Indian Runner Ducks and Moo was one of the first to join in with the audience participation! A final trip into the bee tent for Mummy to buy a bar of honey soap and for the girls to learn about bees, taste some honey and look at beeswax products before we headed home for a rest.

Some prize winning honey
Looking for the Queen amongst the workers
Taking part in the Ring of Friendship
Moo loving the audience participation
Model farm
Young Farmer
She LOVES a combine harvester

Moo loving the chips

Healthy eating activities
Burning calories by zapping the unhealthy food items

Making a honeycomb model and observing the rain…30 days wild

This evening the girls used our velcro lolly sticks to create a model of a honeycomb. They counted out the lollysticks and we talked about hexagons and the number of sides they have. They then used bits and pieces they found to make pretend bees for it. Can you identify the Queen Bee? They also used the lolly sticks to make a tower which stood up by itself (Beanster), a bridge (Moo) and impressively the waves at the swimming pool (also Moo). Just before bed the heavens opened and the girls watched the rain as it pelted down.

The honeycomb model the girls worked collaboratively on
Bees in the honeycomb. Which clothes peg represents the Queen Bee? Beanster wanted to add connecting channels.
A worker bee model
Beanster’s tower. ‘I made the base stable so it stands by itself.’
Moo building her bridge
‘Look I made a bridge’
‘I made the waves at the swimming pool’
View from the bedroom window

Camping weekend

We have arrived at the Pillars of Hercules, Falkland, in Fife, for a weekend of home ed camping. The girls helped to pitch the tent, cook the tea, have played with friends, been in the stream, popped bubbles and generally had loads of fun. Beanster tried lighting the communal campfire and has generally been very independent.