Swimming, books and pizza

Today was day 3 of Beanster’s summer swim week with Mighty Swimmers She’s doing really well with Holly this week although she was shattered today after her very busy day yesterday (blog will be up once she’s told us all the details!). We’ve been taking her friend R with us the last 2 days to save 2 families driving from Linlithgow to Edinburgh so the pair of them have been enjoying a carry on in the car. 

After swimming we came home for some playing and lunch. Moo is working hard at learning to use the potty and is pretty successful providing she has no pants on! They had boiled egg for lunch at Beanster’s request and I think we can safely say Moo is over her egg allergy. 

We then took a trip to the library as Beanster is doing the summer reading challenge She got 2 stickers for her card and chose a character to put on the chart in the library window which she can move up to the next one as she reads more books. She can’t read by herself yet but reading with them still counts. They both chose new books today. Moo chose a noisy horse book with a button to push 


and an Eric Carle book 

Beanster chose yet another rainbow fairy book, a Scooby do comic book 


and another book illustrated by Korky Paul 


who is her favourite illustrator just now. Whilst we were out we popped into Far From The Madding Crowd to collect a book we’d ordered for Beanster’s friend M’s birthday and to choose her a card.

Once we were home Beanster wanted to play Reading Eggs and, with just a few reminders to listen and think before choosing an answer, managed to get her first certificate. She really enjoys the games and although I’m not sue phonics is necessarily going to work for her as long as she’s enjoying it she’ll keep playing. There followed some playing outside before coming in to make pizza. Steps demonstrated below by Moo! She added the obligatory capers once C got home from work and brought them 




Then it was bath and bed with both girls crashed out within 5 minutes of their heads hitting the pillow!

My day out with Lyall &Katherine

Guest post by Beanster! Dictated by Beanster & typed by Mama. 
I went on a train to Edinburgh with Lyall & Katherine. 

When we were there we went for sushi. I had salmon sushi and noodles. 

Then we went to look at some art at the art gallery. 

Next to the art gallery we saw some huge bubbles. A man with bubble sticks was making them. 

After the bubbles we went for ice cream and then we sat down and ate the ice cream.

And then I rolled down the hill and runned down the hill. 


Then we went to check if the big wheel was ok to go on but it was too expensive. Then we walked a very long way down a very big hill and I went to the charity shops. I bought a purse and a mouse and a dress and a necklace and an Elsa book. Then we walked up the very big hill again. Lyall and Katherine carried me up the hill.


I stopped for a break at a cafe to have a croissant. 


When we got to the art gallery again I had a shot of the bubbles. 


And then we went to the train station and then got on the train and then we did some colouring. That was it all that I did with Lyall and Katherine. It was a fablius day.

Bo’ness arches 

It’s that fabulous time of year when Bo’ness goes crazy and builds arches for the children’s fair.  It has to be seen to be believed!

This year we started at our friend Jilly’s house for pizza and ice cream to ensure sufficient stamina for the evening ahead

Then it was off to the queen’s arch




Beanster & Moo were impressed with the superhero arches:


And the fairy ones


The girls loved hanging out with some new grown up friends. 


 Team photo at the chief lady in waiting’s arch to finish off the evening

A park sort of a day 

Beanster requested a trip to the park near our house with the scooters today so grandma, grandad & cousin H joined us and we headed over. 

There was much scooting from Beanster & H. We thought mummy wouldn’t mind if we borrowed her scooter so grandma & grandad both had a go. 

Moo isn’t up to much scooting yet so she mostly played in the park and on the grass and without any prompting identified daisy, buttercup and clover. She’s a smart cookie that one. 

After grandma, grandad and H headed off we went home and headed down into Linlithgow for lunch and another park trip! We’re often the only people in the park even on a nice day but a few people joined us at the second park of the day so Beanster immediately made a friend as usual. 



We finished off with trips too a few shops including Far from the Madding Crowd for a birthday card & a wee Phillip Pullman essay which was released for independent bookshop week. I love his writing.

Finally back home and some Mathseeds for Beanster and some cbeebies storytime for Moo whilst I sorted the washing 



Today was the last gymnastics session of the term and the last ever for Beanster. She’ll be too old for the preschool class after summer and has decided she’d like to try ballet instead. She’s very excited at the idea of ballet after the summer.

Moo napped in the car on the way home and Beanster played reading eggs. We had a subscription last year but let it lapse as she had got to the point where she was finding it too tricky so didn’t want to play. She’s been asking for it again so I renewed it. They do a really got home educator discount too which is great so we got their maths package too which is called Mathseeds.

When we home we did the washing, dishwasher and made lunch. After lunch the girls looked at books and played dens and I made some blackcurrant cordial to make room in the freezer. 



Splashing & shopping 

We had no particular plans today but grandma & grandad phoned to suggest swimming with cousin H so we decided to join them at “the splashy pool” aka the Mariner Centre at Camelon. Of course if you’ve been swimming you need chips. 

After swimming we visited all the shops we needed to in Linlithgow. We picked up prescriptions from the chemist and then went to the DIY shop to get keys cut and buy hinges and mouse traps. After that we went to “Sally’s shop” (AKA Far From The Madding Crowd) to choose a birthday present for a friend, buy a book for cousin H’s birthday in August & buy a couple of birthday cards. Sally also had a surprise for us; a copy of Return which Beanster was very excited about. We also visited BB the bookshop bunny who was having a run about in the story telling bothy downstairs. The final stop of the day was “Gail’s shop” to get the washing up liquid refilled and buy some yogurt covered fruit. 

I love that we can get so much of what we need locally and that the girls know the shopkeepers in our town and they know us. 

Back home and Beanster read her new book

I made some summer fruit cordial from last year’s allotment fruit which has been languishing in the freezer

And Moo did more “jigsocs”!

Time for tea

Today we’ve had a domestic day. 

This morning the girls helped empty the washing machine & dishwasher, put away the washing, put away the book pile & put more dishes in the dishwasher. 

In amongst all that there were very complicated games involving the train set, roads, cars, the little wooden villages in a bag and of course shopkins! 

After lunch we went to do the food shopping and when we came back Beanster helped make tea. 

Moo had a go too with the kid friendly knife
she stirred the mince in the pan and added in the veg

Moo helped measure out the gravy
We’ll have them cooking the dinner by themselves before too long